To access the database, choose an element from the periodic table on the front page. We are continuously working on extending the data grids to cover more elements.

There are two ways of querying data for a given line, either from a pre-computed equivalent width or from a LTE abundance. Choose the method that suits your purpose best by clicking on the corresponding link at the top. Abundances are specified relative to hydrogen on the common logarithmic scale:

Abundance (X) = log(N(X)/N(H)) + 12

Data to be provided as input:

  1. Equivalent width [mÅ] or LTE abundance
  2. Effective temperature [K]
  3. Logarithm of surface gravity [cm s-2]
  4. Metallicity [Fe/H] (Not required for all elements)
  5. Microturbulence [km s-1]
  6. Wavelength must be chosen from the list. For the available spectral lines, check the Line data link at the top of each page.

The output includes equivalent width, LTE and NLTE abundance, NLTE abundance correction, [Fe/H] and/or [X/Fe].

For each element, ADS-links to one or two references are listed, in which the NLTE calculations are described. Here you will find more information about the model atmospheres, atomic data, treatment of fine and hyperfine structure etc.

If you use the data from INSPECT in your work, please cite the relevant articles and include a comment of the following kind:

"Data obtained from the INSPECT database, version 1.0 ("